White’s Funeral Home

Recepients of 2015 Texas Business Treausre Award

  To receive a Texas Treasure Business Award, a business must meet certain criteria. The business should be in a continuous for-profit operation in Texas for at least fifty years; continue to operate the same or a very similar type of business as it did at least fifty years ago; have a continuous record of employment for at least fifty years; did not operate as a subsidiary of or have been absorbed into another business; and maintained a good relationship with the State of Texas. Few businesses qualify for this award.

  The Texas Treasure Business Award Program pays tribute to well-established Texas owned-and-operated businesses that have provided opportunities, contributed to the state’s economy, and have contributed to state and local history for over fifty years. One business in Parker County was awarded that distinction on May 7, 2015. White’s Funeral Home was recognized for the award by former State Senator Bob Glasgow in a ceremony that took place at Chandor Garden’s Great Hall in Weatherford. Various speakers included Weatherford Mayor Dennis Hooks and Weatherford Chamber of Commerce Director Peggy Hutton. Precinct 1 County Commissioner George Conley read a proclamation recognizing May 4-10 as Historical Preservation Week in Parker County.

  For over 100 years, the White family has offered funeral services to the community. The business passed from Wayman White to his son, Ford, then his grandson, Bob. Senator Glasgow, a former member of the State Preservation Board, congratulated the White family on their unique accomplishments. He referenced their efforts as worthy of remembrance to future generations. Glasgow also congratulated the Parker County Historical Commission for their efforts in preserving local history through the Texas Treasure Award and Historical Marker Programs.

Whites TX Bus Treasure

Photo Courtesy of PCHC Former State Senator Bob Glasgow (left) presents the Texas Business Treasure award to Mr. Bob White, Mrs. Bob White (Carolyn) and daughter Anita White.

  The history of White’s Funeral Homes began in 1908 with an enterprising 26 year-old named Wayman Asberry White. He was simply called W.A. and soon became well known as he specialized in the sale of coffins and funeral supplies at Captain Kidd’s Mercantile Store in Springtown.

  In 1913, W.A. moved his business thirteen miles west to Poolville. He continued to sell caskets at the Ward, McDonald and Doughty Mercantile Store. As he developed his salesmanship skills, W. A. dreamed of owning and operating a funeral home.

  His dream would become a reality sooner than he realized. As Weatherford, the county seat of Parker County began to be a booming town filled with railroad, agricultural and commercial activity, the young Mr. White found the opportunity for his business. In 1914, the city lost morticians T.A. Henderson and James T. Cotten, one to death and the other to relocation. W.A. moved his family to Weatherford and opened the White & Company undertaking business on the south side of the downtown Square.

  By the 1950’s Whites was a leader in funeral service. The company provided airconditioned ambulances and housed the first air-conditioned chapel in Weatherford.

  W.A. and his son, Ford decided to return to the place where it all began in Springtown. In 1954, White’s Funeral Home was established giving the folks in that area a more convenient facility. W.A. wanted to thank the residents of Springtown and Poolville for allowing him to gain a foothold in the funeral industry of Parker County.

  In 1969, after six decades in the funeral business, W.A. passed away. His son Billie Ford assumed the ownership for the next three years. W.A.’s grandson, Robert “Bob” White assumed the presidency of the business following Billie Ford’s death in 1972.

  In 2012, the White family reached two milestones. Bob was recognized as the Funeral Director of the Year by the North Texas Funeral Directors Association. Bob’s daughter, Anita White joined the staff of White’s thereby representing the fourth generation involvement in the family business.

Bob White and his daughter Anita.

Bob White and his daughter Anita.

Bob White and his daughter Anita. Photo Courtesy of White’s Funeral Home.

White's FH Springtown 100th

Photo Courtesy White’s Funeral Home The photo above is White’s Funeral home in Springtown on Main Street/Highway 51. This building was formerly the Church of Christ until the church built their new building further north on Highway 51 in 1978.


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