Parker County WWI Inductees


  The Adell community was first known as “Fondren’s Store” for J. R. Fondren who built a small grocery store there in 1899. Bently B. Barton moved to the community, put in another store, and petitioned for a post office. The Post Office was... read more


Bentley B. Barton was responsible for establishing this community north of Adell in 1894, where a post office was opened the same year. Mr. Barton was the postmaster. The post office closed in... read more


History of Agnes, Texas             Settlers were in the area of Agnes as early as the 1850s, but the small community of Agnes had its beginnings in the late 1870s. It started as a country store called Barnard’s. The community began to grow and required a post office.... read more


  Nothing much is known of this community other than a Post Office was established here in February of 1878. It was later discontinued in December of 1879.  Allen R. Chitwood was the... read more


History of Aledo  Aledo town center 1907 Southeastern Parker County is nestled among gently rolling hills about fourteen miles from the city limits of Weatherford.  In the early 1800s Comanche Indians covered the area with an occasional Kiowa, Lipan and Keechi... read more


In the 1870’s, a group of Methodists purchased a small building named Alma Hall in the community of Alma as their church building. When the T&P RR came through in 1879, the settlement essentially moved to the new town of Aledo which was located along the... read more


Alexander B. Frazier first opened a store here in 1875. When a post office was established in 1876, Frazier was its first postmaster. The town is on the T&P RR which came through in 1879. The town was named for Frazier’s daughter, Anneta Frazier, which is... read more


This farming community is located about 12 miles NW of Weatherford. Originally known as Dry Creek, the application for a post office named “Author” was made about 1879. Someone mis-read the application, and it came back “Authon”, which stuck.... read more


Azle, much of which is located in Tarrant County, had trouble settling on a name. Early settlers called it variously Elizabeth Town, Marysville, and Mooresville. In 1881 it was named O’Bar after William O’Bar who was responsible for obtaining the post... read more


community was named for Charles K. Baker who arrived in the area with his family in the early 1850’s. The community, located in southern Parker County, included the Baker School and a... read more


One of the oldest communities in Parker County, the post office was established in late 1858. Silas Smith, a respected area farmer born in 1760, was the first postmaster. Children attended the Balch School named for T. E. Balch who followed Smith as the postmaster in... read more


Also known as Ballew Springs and Blue Springs, Ballew is located where the Rippey Branch joins Rock Creek in western Parker County. The post office established in 1889 closed two years... read more

Bear Creek

Located in the SE part of the County, the post office established in 1877 was transferred to Tarrant County in 1883. It then closed in 1911.  John P. Sassom was the first... read more


This community in NW Parker County was settled by a group of Methodists in the 1870’s.  In addition to a Methodist church, the Bethesda Common School also existed... read more

Blair Valley

Located south of Tin Top across the Brazos River, the community was named for a Mr. Blair who settled the area in the late 1850’s or early 1860’s. He was a saddle tree maker remembered for the unusual entrance to his log cabin. One had to crawl on all... read more

Brannon’s Crossing

Located upstream from Hightower Valley, Brannon ran a successful ferry operation across the Brazos River. The local firm of Mitchell & Pigg received the contract for $28,000 to build almost twin bridges across the Brazos in the summer of 1905. The County accepted... read more


   Located in the northern part of the County, a post office was established here in 1884 with Nathaniel H. Robertson as the first postmaster. It was transferred to Wise County in 1890, and closed in 1904. The community may have been named for Briar Branch creek or... read more


The Brock community can be traced to about 1876 when James M. Maddux built a log house here. The farming community is about 11 SW of Weatherford. In its early days, it was called Olive Branch.... read more

Buck Naked

Lasting for as long as several early post offices in 1977, this community, complete with road signs, was located near the present town of Willow Park. It was advertised as a family amusement community with games and rides for the kids. Although the precinct... read more


This small farming community south of the Brazos River was named for J. M. Buckner who, with his son, drowned in the Brazos River in... read more


A post office opened and closed in 1880 with John R. Smith as its only... read more


The post office was established in 1867 when this community was known as Cartersville. It was named after Judge W. F. Carter who had erected a flour mill here. The name changed to Carter in... read more

Clear Fork

Later called Dicey, this community was located near the north end of Lake Weatherford, this was the site of another early post office that was established in 1860. It was named after the Clear Fork Branch of the Trinity River. It served as a post office during the... read more


A post office here lasted but 6 months, opening and closing in 1892. William H. Paul was its postmaster.... read more


Originally known as Fiddler’s Ridge for reasons lost to history, and Tile City due to its houses with red tile roofs, the name was changed to Cool in the 1940’s. It got its name because, and the locals insisted, “It’s a whole lot cooler than... read more

Copper Hill

Another early post office in western Parker County north of Garner, Copper Hill was established in 1857 with William B. Fondren as the postmaster. It closed 10 years later following the Civil War in 1867.... read more


Located in the SW part of Parker County, a post office opened in late 1898 with Frank Williams as the first post master. The post office closed in early 1901.... read more

Cougar Hollar

A single dwelling built by Primitive Baptist PreacherHezekiah Butler Davis and his wife Sarah Elizabeth (Battern) David in 1876 on the banks of the Brazos River. In 1886, it was moved to a location south of Dennis.... read more


The Cream post office did not last 3 months. It opened December 1879 and closed March 1880 after which postmaster J. F. Judia was out of a job.... read more


  Delphine   This post office opened in March 1858 and closed in November of the same year. S. Olinger was forced to seek other... read more


Located 18 miles SW of Weatherford, this community was established when the bridge across the Brazos River was completed in 1892. Nathan M. Dennis, for whom the town was named, served as postmaster beginning in 1895.... read more


Originally called Power after James C. Power, the first postmaster, the name was changed from Clear Fork to Dicey in honor of the wife of pioneer W. G. Puryear. Cynthia P. McDowell served as postmaster.... read more


A post office was established in 1884 with John V. McClung as postmaster. The post office closed in 1890.... read more

Earl’s Switch

The 3 August 1916 Weekly Herald reported news from Earl’s, Texas that “seeing nothing in quite a while from this part of the suburbs, will tell the news of the day.” It rained, not quite enough, but enough to “make a settlement of the... read more


This community was located near Parson’s Station on the Santa Fe RR in SE Parker County. It was named for the Eddleman family who had ranches in the... read more


The community was named for James W. Erwin who settled on the Clear Fork of the Trinity River 14 miles due north of Weatherford in 1855. A number of his relatives and grown children also settled the... read more


Sometimes called Franco Switch, it was named in 1890 when the Weatherford, Mineral Wells & Northwestern RR came through this area 6 miles west of Weatherford. It got its name from the Franco Texan Land Company which was formed to liquidate State backed railroad... read more


Another old post office a few miles E-NE of Millsap established in 1858 with Eli Hutchins as the first postmaster. It closed in 1861 but the name continued to appear on US census records for some... read more


Named for Absalom Bumgarner who operated a gin in the area, the first syllable was dropped to shorten the name. Bumgarner served as its first postmaster. The post office was absorbed into the Weatherford post office in... read more


This post office managed to survive 1-1/2 years from January 1898 to June 1899. William E. Lee was its... read more


The Goshen community west of Springtown grew up around the oldest known church established by Reverend Pleasant Tackett in 1854. Reverend Tackett was an early Methodist circuit preacher arriving before the County was formed in 1855. Maggie Lee, an orphan brought to... read more


Named for Wilson Grable who with his wife, Mary, moved to NW Parker County just south of Whitt in 1868. He donated land for the school, called Grable School which burned and was re-named Pleasant Hill when it was rebuilt. Mr. Wilson was buried in the school yard.... read more


The Greenwood community about 4 miles west of Weatherford got its name from a grove of live oak trees at the location. A school was once located near the Greenwood Community church and cemetery “at the jog” in Greenwood Cut-off... read more


The post office established in this area lasted from 1877 until 1895. John D. Wolford was the first postmaster. Located on the north bank of the Brazos River where Patrick’s Creek flows into the river, it was named Wade’s Chapel for M. W. Wade who settled... read more

Hightower Valley

The community was named for Joshua Hightower who owned most of the property in the valley east of Blair Valley. The communities south of the Brazos River identified more closely with Hood County as the Brazos inhibited easy travel between the community and the county... read more


The post office established in this area was unusual in that a woman was the first postmaster. Imogene Wilkerson held the position from 1892 until it was closed in... read more


A post office was established in 1893 after the population of the little community of Lakota exploded when George E. Bennett determined the clay deposits were excellent for brick making. He started the Acme Brick Company in 1890. Although the Lakota Indians were not... read more


Sometimes called Lambert Switch, this community in western Parker County formed around a switch of the T&P RR. It was named after Mr. Lambert who contracted to build one mile of the railroad in 1880. The Fox School was once located here, named after a pioneer... read more

Lone Star

Located NW of Poolville, the Lone Star Baptist church was built in the 1880’s and a cemetery laid out. Both still exist at the intersection of Advance and Lone Star... read more


The post office established here lasted from late 1879 to mid 1881. Robert T. Smoot was the... read more


Government records indicate this post office was never in operation. However, it was “on the books” from October 1897 to June 1898. James L. McIntosh was the postmaster of... read more

Mary’s Creek

On the east side of Parker County a few miles north of Aledo, was the community of Prairie Hill also known as Mary’s Creek. The creek was named for a Christianized Indian woman who drowned in the creek. The post office was transferred to Tarrant County in 1877.... read more


This early settlement was named for Fuller Millsaps (the “s” was later dropped) who settled on Rock Creek about 14 miles west of Weatherford in the 1850’s. There was a stage stop and post office located at the Millsaps home. The town and post office... read more


The post office and community was called Grindstone, being located along Grindstone Creek a few miles west of Weatherford south of Highway 180. The community came to be known as Newberry from the predominate family who lived in the area. A church and school were built... read more

New Hope

Formed in the late 1880’s and located in NW Parker County,the community was first known as Cold Springs. The original settlers were Methodists and built the Cold Springs Methodist Church along with a school. The school consolidated with the Garner School... read more


This was another early post office which was established in 1857. Is was discontinued in 1861 but re-established during the Confederacy. The post master, J. P. Cole was suspended when the post office was destroyed by... read more


Also called Parson’s Switch or Parson’s Station, this community was named for the Parson family that lived in the area and was located on the Santa Fe RR SW of Weatherford. It was at one time known as Woodstock. The area did not have an associated school... read more


Settlement began in the 1870s when Georgia native H. H. Peaster bought 160 acres of land and built a house. The community that developed near the site of his home was originally called Freemont; in 1885 the name was changed to Peasterville. Postal service began in the... read more

Poe Prairie

The town was named after a lake called the Big Pool east of the present town. Spring-fed and situated along the Trinity River, they were watering places for trail herds passing through the area. Cultivation caused the pools to be filled with... read more


  In 1856, Poolville was known as a water hole for the large herds of cattle on their way to West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and other parts west and north.  It was named for a large pool of spring-fed water which was located east of where the town now stands. ... read more


Although opened in 1893, the post office was named for John W. Pugh who was appointed postmaster in December 1897. It was located near the Tarrant County line near Highway... read more


  Rayville   Named, apparently, for Elbridge C. Ray, its postmaster, this post office lasted from 1890 to... read more

Red Mud

An 1897 article states: “As I have never seen a letter published in the Democrat from this place, I will try and break the ice.” Things were looking good for the farmers, and thecrops had been planted. And that was... read more


Also known as Parker’s Shop for Robert Parker who had a blacksmith shop here in 1860 in the NE part of the County, the name was later changed to Reno. The post office was open from 1884 to... read more

Rock Creek, North

Located in western Parker County near the creek of the same name, it was located on the Fort Worth-Fort Belnap Road, or the Weatherford-Graham Road along its Parker County stretch. Wagon trains, cattle drivers, and a stagecoach line used the services of Dave Lamkin... read more

Rock Creek, South

Located just inside the Parker County line on what is now Highway 180 at the Vietnam Memorial, Rock Creek was a booming coal mining town in the early 1900’s. It was named for the creek that runs nearby. The town grew to as many as 1,500, more than half of which... read more

Rose Bud

A 1911 Weatherford Democrat article reported from Rosebud that things were doing well, the crops were being planted, and the youngsters were having a good... read more


This post office open from 1860 to 1867 was probably the first attempt to have a post office in the Parker’s Shop/Reno... read more


Located in SW Parker County near the Brazos River and Hill (Pigeon) Creek, Wilson R. Brannon served as the first postmaster. The Brannon family had settled in the area where a small family cemetery still... read more


There is a reference to this post office in the Texas Almanac as existing in 1862, but no other information on... read more


Also a T&P RR switch, this community was located 3 miles west of... read more


Located about 5 miles NW of Peaster, it was the location of a school that served as a community gathering point. The cemetery of the same name near Red Top and Russell Bend Roads is all that remains of the... read more


The post office opened in 1888 and closed in early 1893. Joseph G. Steele was the first... read more


Another short-lived post office, lasting 6 months in 1899. John P. Davis was its... read more

Spring Creek

Located south of Weatherford on Highway 51, the community sprang up around the church and cemetery still located... read more


Captain Joseph Ward of New Jersey settled this site in 1859 and laid out the town. It was initially named Littletonville or Littleton’s Springs in honor of a pioneer family of the same name, and the springs that flowed in the creek south of the town square. It... read more


This community had a road sign signifying its location, and a school named Ray School built in 1887. It encompassed the Ervin, Roberts, Central and Bugscuffle communities in the area of Zion Hill and Central Roads in N-NW Parker... read more

Veal’s Station

One of the oldest Anglo settlements in the County, the first settlers, including Captain William G. Veal, arrived in 1852. The post office was established in June 1857 and called Cream Level with Captain Veal as its postmaster. That same year, the named changed to... read more


Another short-term post office lasting but 8 months in 1887 with William J. Walker as its... read more


  Wallace post office lasted 10 months in 1894. George Wooldridge was its... read more


  The County seat of Parker County established in 1856, David O. Norton, who laid out the original township of Weatherford, served in many capacities, including its first postmaster in... read more


Wirley L. Patterson served as postmaster for this post office that lasted from 1901 to... read more

Willow Springs

This community was located on the north side of I-20 off Mikus Road near the existing cemetery of the same name.  A church dating from before 1860, where Rev. Pleasant Tackett preached, and later a school were once located east of the cemetery which contains the... read more


History of Whitt Whitt in the late 1800’s The earliest history of the community dates back to the coming of the first white settlers who braved the rugged frontier with threats from the Indians.  The first of these brave pioneers was W.P. Clower, who came with... read more

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